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Abbey Schilling’s Story

Anyone who works at GV or TTO knows the Carters, Chris and Allen frequent both properties multiple times a week (and even bring Quinton and Silvia along! ) Every time they enter the front door its like we are welcoming old friends in for a home-cooked meal. They always have two big smiles to accompany their matching track suits! No matter what, they always have such a welcoming aura about them. They smile and ask how my day is, or how work is going, we chat about life and giggle about saving them their favorite honorary booth.

One day I noticed they were coming up on their 300th visit to the Twisted Olive, and I couldn’t help but feel like we should do something extra special for them to share the feeling they give us every time they visit. I love to paint and craft custom gifts and I immediately thought they both needed a custom set of TTO wine glasses to celebrate the big 300! We came together not just as staff members, and not just from TTO, but from GV as well, as a family to make an experience they will always remember.  We wanted 300 to really stand out to them. We wanted to make them feel as special as they make all of us feel! So we got to planning!

We had a beautiful flower bouquet, a card covered from front to back with heart felt notes from each staff member, their favorite wine waiting on the table (Dolce Sera!) and the custom glasses to enjoy their wine from ready and waiting on the table before they were seated at booth 68 promptly at 7pm.

The look on their faces made our entire night! We we so happy to have them beaming from ear  to ear as they read their card, enjoyed their wine, and felt like king and queen of not only booth 68, but all of TTO!

This memory is my favorite of all my wonderful memories from the past half decade because it doesn’t just involve the staff, or my friends, it involves my extended family. We spend so much time at work, as many people do nowadays, and we have built such an incredible bond with not only our fellow staff, but our guests as well that we now call family. Its so wonderful when I hear that now  I extend to their family home, as my custom glasses are proudly placed in their china cabinet!

Gervasi and Twisted Olive have taught me so much not only as a valued staff member, but as a person, going above and beyond to created an experience not just a meal, and this memory has all the golden GV and TTO makings to be my favorite! I cant wait to share the memories still to come! Ciao!