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Jessica Johnson’s Story

My name is Jessica and I’ve been an employee for two years. I started out as an RA and now I’m the shuttle driver. My favorite Gervasi memory comes from one of my many shuttle adventures. Four years ago I became a Baltimore ravens fan, so when I learned I got to shuttle for the Hall of Fame guests I was stoked. Especially because I knew Ed Reed was being inducted. And the year before Ray Lewis was inducted and the owner of the ravens stayed with us. I never saw him, but I knew he was there.

Before Hall of Fame weekend arrived, I got the privilege of shuttling a group of Gold Jackets that were staying with us. Of course I had no idea who they were but I was still in awe. Some of them were even wearing their gold jacket. It was quite the experience.

Hall of Fame weekend rolled around and I worked that weekend like I do every weekend. I had lots of shuttles like I normally do. Two nights in a row I shuttled this group of people to dinner. It was three very well-dressed gentlemen and a very lovely lady who was also very well dressed. The first night I met them all, the lovely lady was wearing a gorgeous purple dress. Her husband, who sat in the front seat next to me was very kind, down to earth and introduced himself to me as Steve and shook my hand. There were two more gentlemen that sat all the way in the back of the van.

The next night I shuttled them to their destination again. Everyone sat where they sat the night before. Steve was in the front seat again talking to me and being super kind. Steve wore this gorgeous silver suit that looked like it belonged on TV. The three gentlemen during the shuttle we’re talking about different football players of whom I had no idea who they were. Their conversation made me realize they were guests of the Hall of Fame but I still had no idea who they were. After I dropped them off to their destination the second night I went to my coworker and told her that I needed to find out who these people were because Steve looked very familiar and I couldn’t figure out why. So we finally figured it out. It was the owner of the Baltimore ravens Steve Bisciotti and his lovely wife Renee, The president of the Baltimore ravens Dick Cass and the general manager Eric DeCosta.

The excitement when I learned who they were was absolutely unreal. I screamed and jumped with excitement. And let me tell you how glad I was that I never informed them I was a ravens fan because I would’ve made myself look real dumb. Because I am that fan who doesn’t know who’s on her team. I’m also glad that I didn’t realize who they were because I don’t know if I would’ve been able to contain my excitement. They were all so nice and so down to earth and I hope they stay with us again. I went home that night watched the enshrinement ceremony and saw that wonderful gentleman named Steve and his super sharp suit on TV.

So thank you Gervasi and Susan for giving me the incredible opportunity and a memory that will last a lifetime.