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Joe Carollo’s Story

My wife and I have been going to Gervasi since they opened.  A good friend of mine told me about the winery and the story behind the owners’ because he knew that I would be intrigued since I’m such a die-hard Italian.  I could tell from the first time that we visited that it was a very special and unique place; however, Gervasi became a whole new experience once the villas were built. It was a way for my wife and I to get away and feel like we were back in Tuscany when we were really only 45 minutes from home.

We have brought family, friends and our office staff to stay in the Villas.  You name it, and we have done it at Gervasi.  We have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions and office parties.  There is nothing like spending time on the piazza looking out at the lake, eating fresh pizza, drinking wine and playing bocce. We have made so many memories throughout the ten years, and for that reason Gervasi will always hold a special place in our hearts.

I have to say that each of our experiences at Gervasi have been special which keeps us coming back, but one individual in particular, Susan Monteleone, the Director of Hotel and Resort Operations, stands out.  I remember meeting Susan for the first time at the Villa Grande when I asked to see if I could look at the villas.  She immediately said yes and personally showed us around and at that moment, I knew that I was hooked.  I was very impressed with the way that they looked and the genuine kindness and courtesy that Susan showed us.

Susan has been there every time that I have booked a villa and she has taken care of us as if we were the only guests on the property.  She always has a smile on her face and she always makes everything that I ask for happen.  Susan is always available and never passes us off to someone else, it almost seems like she works 24/7.

Gervasi has turned into a resort with endless opportunities. There is something to accommodate any group of people for any occasion. There is nothing in Northeast Ohio that compares to the feeling that you get when you’re spending time at Gervasi. Everyone we bring absolutely loves it we have so many great stories that everyone take their stories home with them because of what a great experience that we all had together  and ends up coming back with their family and friends.

We look forward to the next ten years with all the new additions on the property, because it’s our “home away from home.”