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10 Ways to Plan Your Summer Staycation at Gervasi Vineyard

Posted on July 2, 2020 in Overnight Stays

Villas at Gervasi Vineyard

For a road trip to remember offering the best of luxury staycations, discover and experience Gervasi Vineyard (GV).

Adventure awaits at this retreat to the great outdoors offering a cozy getaway including: Tuscan inspired overnight accommodations, three upscale restaurants on property, a café, a winery, a distillery, a gift shop and live music six nights a week.

Relax and enjoy your summer staycation at a destination that is safe and sanitized according to all health department guidelines with plenty of social distancing.

Tips to get this staycation started: (more…)

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The Italian Wine Tour: Wines Produced from Italian Grape Varietals

Posted on June 25, 2020 in Italian Wine Tour

Crush House Winery

The Italian Wine Tour at Gervasi Vineyard Concludes with Wines Produced from Italian Grape Varietals Grown in North America and Made in the Winery at Gervasi

In addition to obtaining Italian wines produced in Italy, Gervasi Vineyard has several wines they produce and bottle at their state-of-the-art winemaking facility which is located inside The Crush House. GV’s team of experts go to great lengths to produce only the finest quality Italian wines.

In addition to the winery, Gervasi grows some of its own grapes for many of its wines. There are two vineyards on the property including the North Vineyard and the South Vineyard. (more…)

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Italian Wine Tour: Wines produced from Regions stretching from Northern to Southern Italy

Posted on June 18, 2020 in Italian Wine Tour

Umbria Italy

The following four wines are from regions all over Italy. There is one wine from the northern most area, Lombardy and one from the southern region, Basilicata. In between the top and the bottom of the peninsula shaped like a boot are two wines, one from Emilia -Romagna and one from a region to the southwest called Umbria.

These regions, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria and Basilicata all share many characteristics with Tuscany, Piedmont and Veneto. All of Italy is filled with beautiful landscapes, scenic views, amazing food and wonderful wines. (more…)

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Italian Wine Tour: Wines from the Veneto Region

Posted on June 11, 2020 in Italian Wine Tour

Veneto Region Italy

The Veneto region is known for producing a range of wines – white, red and sparkling that match it’s geographical diversity.  Two wines for which the Veneto Region is widely known are Amarone, an intense red and Prosecco, a classic Italian white sparkling wine.

The Veneto region is in the northeastern part of Italy. It’s described in the Frommer’s travel guide as “one of Europe’s treasure troves.” Cities in the area include the alluring city of Venice and the art cities of Verona and Padua. (more…)

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Summer Recipes from The Cucina

Posted on June 10, 2020 in Cucina

Celebrate summer with warm weather recipes from The Cucina at Gervasi Vineyard

As we enter into the summer months when fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers begin to show up in the stores and farmers markets, the recipes below are the perfect way to plan and enjoy a warm weather meal with family and friends. The menu, which comes from The Cucina’s Cooking with Herbs class, is complete with several courses of easy to moderate level recipes, all featuring fresh summer produce.

Buon Appetito! (more…)

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