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Fall Events at Gervasi Vineyard

Posted on October 9, 2023 in Estate

Embrace and celebrate the season this year by attending the many fall events at Gervasi Vineyard Resort & Spa (GV).  There is still plenty of time to plan a fall escape to GV.

The trip starts with the vibrant fall colors of the trees lining the entrance leading guests to upscale dining options at The Bistro and The Crush House and can expand to the overnight stays at The Casa or The Villas and having a Hallo good time participating in one of several fall events. (more…)

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Seasonal Specials at The Spa

Posted on October 4, 2023 in Spa

The Great Pumpkin Season Has Arrived at Gervasi Vineyard Resort and Spa
Sweater season is upon us for the next few months along with seasonal color changes, cooler temps and everyone’s favorite pumpkin spice coffees. Gervasi Vineyard Resort and Spa offers plenty of thrills for the season especially with what’s new this year—the many pumpkin-based treatments offered at The Spa.

There are ample ways to enjoy fall at GV including the captivating landscape turning many shades of orange, yellow and red. Or, sitting in front of the fireplace at The Bistro while enjoying a gourmet meal and some great wines. Guests will also find their favorite pumpkin spice coffee drinks at The Still House and their favorite pasta dishes and sandwiches at The Crush House.

The added excitement this season focuses on the pumpkin facials, body peels and wraps, sugar and spice manicures and pedicures and the many add-on services providing maximum relaxation. (more…)

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Dazzle Dry’s Healthier Lacquer Nail Polish Now Available at The Spa

Posted on September 25, 2023 in Spa

What is the name of the nail polish you are wearing today?

Bold. Confident. Fame. Visionary. Poised. Moon Age. Space Lemon. Self-Made. C.E.O. are just a few names of the colors offered by the Dazzle Dry! line of lacquer nail polishes which are now available at The Spa at Gervasi Vineyard (GV).

It is exciting to talk about the names, the colors, the shine, and the length of time this polish lasts when applied. But there are major health benefits to using Dazzle Dry to talk about too. (more…)

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Fall is Harvest Time at GV

Posted on August 31, 2023 in Estate, Wine

It’s that time of the year when Gervasi Vineyard Resort & Spa (GV) is preparing for the fall harvest of their vineyards. Harvest time is when GV’s vintners reap their rewards for taking care of the vineyards and the grapes throughout the year.

“During the fall harvest we monitor the grapes daily because it is important to check the fruit for quality and maturity regularly so we can decide the best time to harvest,” said head winemaker, David Smith. “The physical condition of the berries, pH, Acidity, and sugar content of the juice are all important indicators that help us determine when to harvest each variety.” (more…)

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Need a Retreat? To Reconnect? Or Share a Retirement? – Celebrate all of Life at The Spa

Posted on August 14, 2023 in Spa

Be it hosting an office or teacher’s retreat, trying to reconnect with past college classmates, or celebrating your recent retirement with friends, you can celebrate all things in life at The Spa at Gervasi Vineyard.

“We’ve had a variety of different groups come to visit The Spa,” said Spa Supervisor Kristen Fitchko. “From bachelorette parties to corporate retreats, mothers and daughters to old college friends, many have come to enjoy a fun and relaxing day at The Spa. (more…)

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