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Photography Guidelines

Homecoming/Prom Picture Policy

We have a responsibility to ensure that all of our wedding, event, and regular hotel and restaurant guests have an outstanding experience while on property without interference of others. For this reason, we MUST limit Homecoming/Prom pictures to ONLY those Homecoming/Prom guests who are dining in our restaurants.  No other Homecoming/Prom visitors or their families should be on property taking photos.  Visitors will have to check in at the property entrance and unfortunately, cannot be permitted if they do not have reservations secured for dining or an event. ALL Gervasi guests should observe private event signage posted and NOT interfere with weddings, events, or other guests enjoying the property and the spaces they have privately reserved. We apologize for any inconvenience this creates, but we’ve been forced to adopt this policy due to recent trends and experiences with excessive and disruptive homecoming/prom visitors.

Professional Photography Guidelines for NON-Event Customers

Professional Photography sessions will be permitted on the Gervasi Vineyard grounds according to the following schedule and guidelines. Non-compliance will result in termination of photography session and cancellation of future access.

Mondays 7am–7pm and Tuesdays 7-11am ONLY
. Professional Photography is NOT permitted other days and times, as to not disrupt other events and guests on the property.


  • NO photography directly around the exterior of the Villas/Casa, Villa Grande and rear Veranda, or Farmhouse to respect the privacy of customers utilizing these facilities.
  • Must observe all posted signs and staff instructions for private events that may be setting up or occurring on the grounds.
  • Grounds only access;  NO access to the interior of ANY building on property.
  • Grounds equipment/vineyard equipment may be in use on property and should be avoided.
  • No interior access to the vineyards, only photography around the perimeter is permitted.  If signs are posted saying no vineyard access due to spraying then the perimeter is also NOT available for customer safety.
  • Photographer and client should be courteous and non-disruptive to other Gervasi guests on the property.

Event Photo Policy

By attending an event at Gervasi Vineyard, photographs and/or videos may be taken. Your attendance at the event constitutes your consent to be photographed and/or filmed. All photos and/or video files are owned by Gervasi Vineyard who has the rights to use them for marketing purposes.