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The Vineyard

Gervasi’s 5-acre vineyard is carefully sited on our historic fifty-five acre estate. We’ve chosen three exceptional wine grape varieties, well-suited to our terrain and climate, to patiently nurture to fruitful maturity here in Canton, Ohio.

The North Vineyard at Gervasi
The plush vineyards at Gervasi


Entering our property from the front gate, you’ll see the North Vineyard on your left, situated on the west shore of Lake Gervasi. A stunning backdrop for Pavilion weddings and events, the North Vineyard was planted in 2009 and 2010.

The North Vineyard is home to Marquette (a grandson of Pinot Noir), which bears a dark purple grape producing a ruby-colored wine, and the intriguing Frontenac Gris, with lovely bronze-hued clusters that produce a lively, aromatic white wine.


Just past our apple orchard and before The Still House, the South Vineyard arises from a wooded creek bed on a sunny east-facing slope. Planted in 2010 and 2011, Aromella (apricot-hued aromatic white) grapes grow alongside a 2016 planting of Marquette grapes. We have increased the number of vines in order to continue bottling our well-received line of Family Reserve wines.


Our work in the vineyard is to channel the grape vine’s rampant growth tendencies into a uniform, consistent trellis structure. We limit the grape crop severely to channel the plant’s energy into healthy roots and trunks, ensuring the highest quality, most flavorful fruit.