Gervasi Vineyard Shopping Cart

GV Loyalty Club
Dining & Shopping Rewards

Become a member and be rewarded! GV Loyalty Club members earn one point for each dollar spent on food or merchandise at The Bistro, The Crush House, The Still House, The Piazza, The Marketplace or The Twisted Olive (located in Green, OH). Points accrue automatically, but you must present your card at the time of your visit. Simply present your GV Loyalty Club card to a GV staff member, and we will take care of the rest. Rewards can be redeemed on a future purchase at any participating GV Destination venue.


  • Earn a $10 reward for every 500 points accrued.
  • Earn double points for all Monday-Thursday purchases.

How to Enroll

  • Ask for your GV Loyalty Club card at your next visit to Gervasi Vineyard or The Twisted Olive. The card can be used on the same day it is received, but you will not be able to redeem points until the card is properly registered.
  • Our Loyalty Website updated to a new URL. When you are onsite we may provide a sticker for the back of your card with the new URL for you to easily remember.

Register & Check Balance

EXCLUSIONS: GV Loyalty Club Points cannot be awarded or redeemed for alcohol, tax, gratuity, gift card purchases, overnight stays, facility rental fees, any private event (including those in The Pavilion, The Villa Grande, The Bistro, The Crush House or The Twisted Olive), GV special events, any ticketed event (including Cucina classes) or food and beverage carts. Carryout orders, online purchases and property-wide promotions are excluded from the rewards program.

GV Loyalty Club FAQs

What does it cost to join?

How can I check my card balance?
Check your balance and register your card here.

Do points or rewards expire?
Rewards do not expire. Points expire 1 year from issue date.

What happens if I lose my card?
A new card can be issued for future participation but points or reward balances cannot be reissued or replaced.

How do I get credit for my purchases?
Present your card at each eligible visit to a GV staff member, and they will swipe your card into the system to register your points for that visit.

Can I get credit for a visit where I forgot my card?
YES! Keep your receipt and fill out the loyalty card form to provide details about your visit.

Need help?
Please contact us for assistance.