The following four wines are from regions all over Italy. There is one wine from the northern most area, Lombardy and one from the southern region, Basilicata. In between the top and the bottom of the peninsula shaped like a boot are two wines, one from Emilia -Romagna and one from a region to the southwest called Umbria.

These regions, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria and Basilicata all share many characteristics with Tuscany, Piedmont and Veneto. All of Italy is filled with beautiful landscapes, scenic views, amazing food and wonderful wines.

Walking Through Gervasi Vineyard

Lombardy has the city of Milan, the La Scala opera house, shopping, and museums. Some believe that the Emilia-Romagna has the best food in Italy. The capital, Bologna, has museums, churches and a university founded in the Middle Ages.

Umbria has rolling green hills, olive groves and amazing art in Perugia. Basilicata is popular in wine circles. Wine production there goes back more than a thousand years.

GV’s Italian wine portfolio wouldn’t be complete without wines representing these magnificent parts of Italy.


GV Wines from Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Umbria and Basilicata


Franciacorta - Gervasi WineGervasi’s Franciacorta is made from 100 % Pinot Noir using the Traditional Method of sparkling wine production as is Champagne.   This Rose’s complexion is pure and replete with Pinot Noir hues that softly enrapture the eyes.

It is adorned by a persistent effervescent mousse while aromas and flavors of cherries and strawberries captivate and seduce even the non-sparkling wine drinker.

“Our Franciacorta is classified as “Brut” which places it on the dryer side of the sparkling wine sweetness scale, yet it is gentle, vibrant and refreshing. It’s produced in the Franciacorta Zone in Lombardi, located east of Milan on the south side of Lake Iseo,” Director of Wine Making and Distillery Operations at Gervasi, Andrew Codispoti said.

Serve Franciacorta as an aperitif or a celebratory toast.  Pair with salads with strawberry and cranberry.   Serve with roast pork, baked or broiled poultry and seafood.

Pairs nicely with the Sicilian Salad on The Piazza outdoor patio, featuring mixed greens, pistachios, dried cherries, goat cheese, strawberries and creamy vinaigrette. Add grilled chicken or fresh shrimp to make it a meal!



Lambrusco - Gervasi WineGervasi’s Lambrusco Bianco Amabile has a delicate sweetness with subtle honey and apple aromas.  On the pallet, the sparkling white wine imparts a soft sensual sensation.  It refreshes like a morning frost in the springtime. This exciting wine is produced in the Emilia-Romagna region, west of Bologna.

Lambrusco is the Roman name for this grape varieties. Lambrusco grape varieties are believed by many to be some of the earliest grapes used to produce wine.

While Lambrusco can be enjoyed alone as a refreshment on a summer day, this wine’s versatility makes a great choice for a number of different cuisines such as classic American, Asian or Mexican. It works well served with baked or broiled poultry and seafood, grilled and marinated vegetables and light desserts.

Enjoy with the Smoked Pork Chop with Maple Demi-Glace, Bacon, & Onion Jam, served with Creamy Polenta at The Crush House.



Montefalco - Gervasi WineProduced in the town of Montefalco in the Umbria region, Montefalco Sagrantino is made from 100% native Sagrantino grapes.  The wine is unfiltered.  The presence of sedimentation is considered a sign of authenticity. Sagrantino combines expressiveness and structural elegance.

Codispoti said, “Sagrantino is a well-structured wine yet with smooth tannins and long finish.”

This exquisite wine has characteristics of plum sauce, licorice, black tea, black olives and black pepper. Color is deep ruby red with a light violet tinge. Aroma has typical scents of blackberries, currants with notes of spice and vanilla.

Enjoy Montefalco Sagrantino with dishes that feature fat and umami, earthy sausages, wild mushrooms, and cheese.   Also pairs with pasta dishes and red meats.

Perfectly pairs with a Certified Angus Beef Prime Strip Steak, Crispy Fingerling Potatoes, Asparagus, Pancetta and Peppercorn Sauce in The Bistro. Or pair with the New York Strip Steak featured in The Crush House.



Aglianico - Gervasi WineGervasi’s Aglianico del Vulture is an evocative example of this ancient grape grown in the Basilicata region of Southern Italy.  This wine is produced in the town of Venosa, an ancient city located on the Roman Apian Way in the province of Basilicata.

It is made from 100 % Aglianico grapes. These grapes have thick skins and natural high acidity. The grapes need a long, warm, dry summer to develop full complexity and ripen the tannins, making them a late summer grape.

This wine is considered one of the greatest wines of southern Italy and has been dubbed the “Barolo of the south”. With a deep hue and arresting aroma, it delivers a structured medley of fruit and spice with a persistent finish.

Codispoti said, “Enjoy with pastas, red meats, cured meats, game, stews and hard cheeses. Also pairs with roasted mushrooms, black beans, and other umami flavors.”

Excellent when paired with Pasta Bolognese made with house made Gemelli, Braised Meat, Tomato Cream Sauce in The Bistro. Or enjoy a similar dish, Bolognese over Pappardelle at The Crush House.


Deliziosa! Bevi alla vita!
Delicious! Drink to Life!

Gervasi Vineyard Lake at Night

Wine Tasting at GV

The best way to get to know any of these great wines is to try them at one of Gervasi Vineyard’s restaurants, The Bistro, The Piazza,  The Still House or The Crush House. You may also have select varietals of Gervasi Italian wines delivered to your guest suite while staying at The Casa or in one of The Villas or in The Farmhouse.

Up next on the tour are the Gervasi Wines from North America made at Gervasi Vineyard.