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The Best of the Best — Dining at The Bistro

Posted on January 24, 2024 in Food

Dine at The Bistro

Guests visiting The Bistro at Gervasi Vineyard Resort & Spa (GV) know from the minute they drive up the memorable lane and see The Bistro that the evening is going to be remarkable.

While the landscaping, the Tuscan Village ambiance, and the feeling that you have left Ohio and somehow landed in Italy adds to the enchantment, the upscale Tuscan-style meals served at The Bistro are what will add a magical touch to the trip.

Thousands of visitors have spent time at GV over the past 13 years – wine lovers, families, business and other professionals and tourists to upscale food enthusiasts. Everyone appreciates the beauty, tradition, and views of the 55-acre estate. But it is the food and the wine that keeps bringing those visitors back over and again. (more…)

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Meet Up, Eat Up and Warm Up at the Crush House

Posted on January 16, 2024 in Distillery, Food

Now that the holiday season is done for the year, it is time to slow down, relax, eat a great meal, and warm up with friends and family over a great lunch or dinner. What better place to meet up or gather than at The Crush House at Gervasi Vineyard Resort & Spa.

The Crush House is a contemporary winery, wine bar, and eatery housed in a modern industrial-style building with indoor and seasonal outdoor seating options.

The atmosphere at The Crush House is electric with everyone enjoying the day or evening with mouth-watering menu options, award-winning wines, GV craft beer, GV Spirits, and The Crush House collection of cocktails. (more…)

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10 Fine GV Wines to go with Favorite Fall Foods

Posted on October 20, 2023 in Food, Wine

Gervasi Vineyard Wine

Some of the best foods come with the fall weather. Friday night pizzas, Saturday and Sunday tailgate hot dogs, chili and BBQ ribs just to mention a few. While the foods have to be outstanding, the wine selection has to be right too—just ask any wine drinker and enthusiast.

Below are ten great wines from Gervasi Vineyard Resort & Spa (GV) that will pair nicely with all of those fall favorite eats and treats. (more…)

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February is the Month of Love

Posted on January 31, 2023 in Food, Overnight Stays, Wine

February has traditionally been thought of as the month for showing how much you love someone and how much you appreciate them being a part of your life. Plus, February also has that one special day to focus on each other — Valentine’s Day.

Many couples know exactly what they want Valentine’s Day to be while others can become stressed trying to plan a day that’s just right for their special someone. Some couples like to get creative and inspired while others love the tradition of flowers and a date night with their significant other.

For all those different expectations of celebrating love on Valentine’s Day, or during the entire month, be assured you can count on Gervasi Vineyard Resort & Spa to provide a night of inspiration and romance, intimate dining, decadent chocolates, exquisite wine and ambiance for that special someone. (more…)

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Summer Fun at Gervasi Vineyard

Posted on June 20, 2022 in Events, Food

It is summer in the city and the heat is on! Thinking about getting out of the city and spending your summer evenings relaxing to live music, an award-winning bottle of wine and an unforgettable meal? Gervasi Vineyard (GV) has everything you need to enjoy late summer afternoons and evenings — without worrying about the heat index. (more…)

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