Some of the best foods come with the fall weather. Friday night pizzas, Saturday and Sunday tailgate hot dogs, chili and BBQ ribs just to mention a few. While the foods have to be outstanding, the wine selection has to be right too—just ask any wine drinker and enthusiast.

Below are ten great wines from Gervasi Vineyard Resort & Spa (GV) that will pair nicely with all of those fall favorite eats and treats.

Wine Pairings for Those Fall Meals
Eric Rabin is the Operations Manager at The Cave, GV’s new wine tasting and barrel room where it is all about the wine. He offers the following suggestions on which of GV’s wines go great with favorite fall foods including desserts.

Fall at Gervasi Vineyard Piazza

GV’s Pairing Tips
From dine-in, carry out or delivery pizza to homemade chili or hearty vegetable beef soup at home, Rabin offers some pairing tips that will help you make sure you have the best wine offerings for your guests for fall meal get togethers.

“Starting with acidic wines, they pair well with high fat foods or sweet foods and are tart with a crispness,” Rabin said. “You can tell that wine has high acidity if you experience a tingling sensation at the sides and top of your tongue and you begin to salivate. You get the same sensation when you sip a margarita or a glass of fresh lemonade.”

Some of the wines high in acidity include Chardonnays, Pinot Noirs and Rieslings.

New Fall Wine at Gervasi

Rabin also described tannin and sweet wines and some foods they pair with.

  • TANNIN pairs with rich buttery or fatty foods: Tannins add bitterness, structure and complexity to wine. The effects of tannins create a drying sensation in your mouth, the more tannic the wine is the drier your mouth will feel. A more tannic wine will have longer contact with the grape skin, seed and stems which is why generally red wine is more tannic than white wine.

A few of the wines high in tannins include Cabernet, Sauvignon, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese and Malbec.

  • SWEETNESS pairs with spicy and salty foods: We identify sweetness from our taste buds on the tip of our tongue. Most wine other than dessert wine is “dry” (low residual sugar). You will find that wines that produce fruitier notes will give a sweeter sensation when drinking.

Moscato and White Zinfandels top the sweet wine list.

Tastings at The Cave at Gervasi
Gervasi Vineyard delivers a world-class wine-tasting experience in a unique and intimate environment at The Cave. Guests will find an amazing wine tasting experience with an:

  • Intimate Tasting Room
  • Wine Barrel Room
  • Traditional-style wine tasting
  • Private events
  • Gervasi Vineyard events
  • Cave – Wine Tasting & Barrel Room Tour

Enjoy those fall eats and enjoy knowing you have paired the wines exactly right.