Planning a wedding is one of the most important steps to starting a life with your significant other.  Be it a big wedding with many guests or a more intimate wedding with parents, grandparents, and other immediate family members, Gervasi Vineyard Resort & Spa is the place to start that plan.

Every wedding is so unique but there are a few trends that can help with ideas for the wedding of any couple’s dreams.

Below is a list of 10 trends offered by the event team at Gervasi as well as some trends from a national level.

10 Trends for The Most Special of Days…Your Wedding Day

1. In 2024, Couples are asking fewer guests which allows them to spend more on wining and dining. Smaller, more intimate receptions are also popular this year. Instead, couples are spending a little more money on aesthetics such as florals, linens, specialty rentals and the menu.

2. Gervasi has been booking more Vineyard and Conservatory dinners with elevated wine pairing dinners usually following a 40-person wedding ceremony, or as a rehearsal dinner option.

3. If a couple wants to go big with their wedding, many are opting for a mixed layout with round guest tables and long rectangular family tables and king’s tables. Such layouts look and work great!

4. Flowers will never go out style. Wedding florists are finding that the bright pastels are the choice of the season— lots of muted color with bright pops of peach and blue. Gervasi is planning weddings with a lot of floral runners instead of fabric runners, and vibrant floral installments for ceremonies.

Gervasi event coordinator Kelsey Taylor said, “It’s nice our couples have a ton of freedom to play with color because our venues are so neutral-toned and organic. We try to keep things as a blank canvas for whatever the trends of the season may be!”

5. Color is really big this year for all size weddings. For the past several years, white flowers with greenery were in trend, however, in the past year colors are more popular. In addition to colors for flowers, couples are selecting colors for napkins, table runners, even seating charts!

Gervasi Vineyard Wedding

6. Unique seating charts are also making a statement this year! Whether it’s planter boxes with florals, mirrors, or personalized items for guests to take to their tables, unique seating charts and place cards are very popular this year!

7. Another great idea is personalized envelopes for each guest instead of wedding favors. The bride and groom will hand write (or type) a personalized letter to each of their guests and have it sitting at their place setting. Guests LOVE it, and it’s such a wonderful way for the bride and groom to thank their guests!

8. Private dances with bride and groom are highly popular this year. The bride and groom will enter the reception space early (before the guests) and they will have a private dance in the reception space alone. Some couples choose to do this at the end of the night, all the wedding guests will exit the reception space and the bride and groom will stay behind and have a private dance.

Event coordinator Maggie McCort said, “This is a great way for the couple to connect and spend some one-on-one time on their wedding day!”

Gervasi Spirits Sinner's Blush

9. Secret or special cocktail menus and late-night surprises add a little mystery and a whole lot of fun to weddings or receptions. Gervasi’s Still House is the perfect solution to adding this trend to a wedding this year. The Still House offers a series of unique cocktails and late-night snack options. Some couples mix up the order of the wedding by offering a special or secret cocktail before the wedding begins.

10. Today’s couples are opting out of the popular belief that they should not see their significant other on the day of the wedding before the nuptials. Instead, now they are having breakfast together on the morning of the wedding to have a private moment together before all the action starts. The Still House serves coffee and breakfast items to meet every occasion.

Gervasi Vineyard Wedding

Perfect Venue Options at Gervasi

From big weddings with all of the fanfare to smaller more intimate ceremonies, Gervasi can do it all. The outlets include: The Pavilion, an exquisite open-air venue with beautiful lake and vineyard views; The Villa Grande, a Tuscan-inspired event center and ballroom; or The Conservatory, an elegant greenhouse for intimate ceremonies.

The event planners at Gervasi can recommend catering options for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding reception. Plus, there are options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Tuscan-inspired restaurants including The Bistro, The Still House and The Crush House.

Gervasi Vineyard Wedding

Plus, there are options for overnight stays for the couple before and after the wedding, the wedding party and reception guests at The Villas; The Casa; or a family stay together at The Farmhouse.

Need a few wedding party presents or special gifts for the parents? Gervasi’s Marketplace gift shop offers some unique gift lines and ideas.

Great weddings always include amazing photos and video. The grounds at Gervasi offers stunning photo opportunities for brides, grooms, parents and the wedding party.

Gervasi has the venues, the landscape, the foods, the wines and the spirits and an expert team of coordinators to help incorporate all of the latest trends into any wedding.