What is the name of the nail polish you are wearing today?

Bold. Confident. Fame. Visionary. Poised. Moon Age. Space Lemon. Self-Made. C.E.O. are just a few names of the colors offered by the Dazzle Dry! line of lacquer nail polishes which are now available at The Spa at Gervasi Vineyard (GV).

It is exciting to talk about the names, the colors, the shine, and the length of time this polish lasts when applied. But there are major health benefits to using Dazzle Dry to talk about too.

Dazzle Dry is a Revolutionary Lacquer Manicure System
Technicians at The Spa at Gervasi are thrilled to be listed on the Dazzle Dry website as a distributor.

With the ever-changing nail industry, The Spa decided to make the switch to Dazzle Dry for several reasons including:

  • Guests at The Spa can select from 120 different shades of Dazzle Dry.
  • Dazzle Dry is hypoallergenic.
  • Scientifically formulated without the compromises of industry norms, it’s free from reactive ingredients, animal by-products, and animal testing.
  • Synthetic chemicals from other nail enhancements lead to long-term problems like contact dermatitis,  unhealthy UV exposure, and damage to the natural nail plate. Dazzle Dry frees you from the problems that come with the synthetic chemical formulas of acrylics, gels, and dips. It frees guests from those problems while delivering high-quality polish with a rapid dry time of five minutes.
  • It’s being hailed as the cleanest performance polish in the industry.

Dazzle Dry polish is widely used at resort spas as the healthiest option for lacquer. Techs at The Spa want to make sure that they cater to those who travel and have grown to love the brand. It is also an opportunity to educate local clientele on the healthier options for those who seek them.

Four Steps to Success
The Spa’s technicians were trained by Dazzle Dry professionals, and they perform all four of the recommended steps when applying the product. The four application steps are:

  • Step 1: Nail Prep where each nail is scrubbed thoroughly to remove any oils or lotions.
  • Step 2: Apply a base coat.
  • Step 3: Apply two layers of nail lacquer to each nail allowing each layer to dry matte.
  • Step 4: Apply the top coat

The best results include waiting just five short minutes to dry.

Research Behind the Health Benefits
Part of the philosophy of the Dazzle Dry Product designer, Dr. Valenty, is that “beauty and wellness go hand-in-hand.”

After 35 years as a bio-organic chemist, Dr. Valenty realized her talents were best used in creating products that solved problems in a natural, healthy way. She discovered the dangers lurking in every day nail care products and was determined to create a more natural alternative that would promote healthier nails and deliver the same high performance as its artificial competitors.

In 2007, she started her own nail care line free from harmful chemicals, animal by-products, and animal testing. Over 17 years later, Dazzle Dry remains the only quick-drying, long-lasting natural lacquer nail care system of its kind.

The Demand at The Spa
So what’s in a name? For Dazzle Dry, the names of its polish colors evoke emotion. Touch of Love. Alluring Cream. Peacefully Me. Wonderer. Passionate Red.

Guests love that the dry time is so quick; they don’t even need a dryer or UV lamp! Dazzle Dry is also not harsh on the natural nail and lasts over seven days.

If a guest at The Spa is looking for the original shellac manicure, GV also offers CND. The product was meticulously researched and tested by the company before it was made available to the customer. CND is highly respected in the spa industry.

The Spa at Gervasi wants to see you dazzle. Elevate your nail game and experience the Dazzle Dry revolutionary lacquer system. It dries in five minutes, lasts over seven days, is environmentally sound, and promotes healthy nails. Plus, you have over 120 colors to select from to perfectly reflect you. Book your appointment online and start your new adventure with Dazzle Dry!