Visitors to Gervasi Vineyard immediately sense the grandeur of the destination winery resort as they pass through the gate at the main entrance.

Guests are instantly transported from Canton, Ohio to an Italian village abroad. Vineyards line the driveway leading to impressive Tuscan-style buildings, starting with The Bistro restaurant, offering upscale Italian cuisine in a historic remodeled barn. Drive a bit further to find The Still House, which is designed after a village chapel. Just down the road and over the one-lane bridge is The Crush House, a contemporary winery, wine bar and eatery.

Visitors can experience the rustic charm of an Italian country house while enjoying the convenience of high-end amenities at The Casa, The Farmhouse and The Villas. Gervasi is a premier destination for weddings and special events, offering such venues as the Tuscan-inspired Pavilion, The Villa Grande with an elegant ballroom and warm atrium and The Conservatory for more intimate weddings.

Gervasi Vineyard Photo Opportunities Lake

All of this is positioned on 55 acres of expertly-landscaped grounds with two vineyards, two lakes, an orchard and a plethora of breathtaking views. Spending time at Gervasi wakes up the celebratory senses! In addition to fine wines and gourmet foods, the beauty and tranquility of the resort offers many opportunities for special, long-lasting memories—and, of course, great photos.

“The landscaping on property provides a variety of different backgrounds for photos,” said GV event coordinator, Kristine Lamiell. “We have the vineyards, a serene lake, arches, willow trees – lots of great spots! The vineyards are the most popular. For weddings, the wrought iron bridge is another beautiful photo opp.”

Professional photographers and anyone with a smartphone will find idyllic photo opportunities at any of these picturesque locations.

Vineyard Truck

Gervasi Vineyard Photo Opportunities Vineyard Truck

As guests enter the estate, they’re greeted by a 1954 red Dodge pickup outfitted with wine barrel planters in its bed. This vintage farm truck, surrounded by an array of summer flowers, pays homage to the property’s history as a tree farm.

The Barrel Wall

Gervasi Vineyard Photo Opportunities Barrell Wall

Three tiers of wine barrels are crowned with the Gervasi logo, highlighting the entrance to the South Vineyard. At just the right angle you can capture the barrel wall, vineyard, The Still House and The Casa all in one shot.

The Crush House Barrel

Gervasi Vineyard Photo Opportunities Crush House Barrell

Visitors to Gervasi’s wine bar and eatery love to snap photos in front of the large, iconic wine barrel situated outside the restaurant. Unfortunately, the original vintage barrel was deteriorating despite multiple attempts to restore it. After an intensive search, a replacement was located and carefully treated to withstand the elements for years to come.

The Bridge

Gervasi Vineyard Photo Opportunities Bridge

An ornate wrought iron bridge connects a bubbling creek and spring-fed lake, creating the perfect backdrop for engagement pictures, wedding pictures, and any other special moment you would like to capture on camera.

The Stone Arch

Gervasi Vineyard Photo Opportunities Arch

The stone arch is located between the Tuscan Pavilion and the sparkling lake. In the spring and summer months this spot is accented with beautiful flowers. Willow trees add another striking element to the background.

A Story Behind Every Photo

Photos build connections, grab attention and capture emotions that words sometimes cannot. Photographs can inspire us to travel, enjoy life and help us continue to celebrate moments in time. Gervasi Vineyard can help you build your special story, capture those moments and celebrate life!

Lamiell said, “No matter where you are on property, it is guaranteed to be photogenic! Gervasi Vineyard is a beautiful hidden gem and we are lucky to have such a great place here in Canton, Ohio.”

The many locations at Gervasi are available for professional photography on Mondays 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Tuesdays 7 to 11 a.m. Please read the photography policies before your visit.

To plan your visit or photo opportunity and to learn more about Gervasi Vineyard, visit