Put your life on pause…for just a few.  Take a deep cleansing breath. Sit back and relax.

Gervasi Vineyard Resort & Spa has exactly what is needed to slow life down to refresh and revitalize your mind, body, and spirit.

The Spa’s Signature Service
The Tranquility Welcome is a signature part of The Spa’s personalized experience. Guests enjoying spa services such as massages, facials, and body treatments are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes before their appointment to relax in the memorable Tranquility Lounge.

“Guests will slip into a luxurious Spa robe, cozy up with a warm neck wrap, take in the vineyard views, and enjoy a glass of wine or beverage of their choice,” said Kristen Fitchko, Spa Supervisor. “Our Tranquility Welcome allows guests to fully unwind and relax in preparation for their spa services.”

Enjoy a glass of Gervasi award-winning wine, a mimosa, or a bellini made with Gervasi’s Lambrusco, or if you prefer, have a non-alcoholic drink sparkling blood orange water, fruit-infused water, or a selection from an assortment of Tea Forte brand teas. Sample some gourmet mixed nuts, granola bars, and fresh fruit if looking for a light snack while you wait for your spa service to begin.

Kristen went on to say that The Spa at Gervasi is all about creating a tranquil experience from start to finish.

“From the moment you walk through the doors, you’re not simply going to the spa for services, you’re celebrating YOU! The Tranquility Lounge sets the tone for your entire spa journey. It gives you a tranquil moment to pause, take a breath, and begin relaxing before your services even begin.”

The Amenities and Products are Amazing
The Spa professionals and experts have been excited to share The Spa and The Tranquility Lounge with GV guests.

The Spa at Gervasi uses various top-tier product lines in The Spa services, including Babor skincare, Kerstin Florian body care, Cause + Medic CBD line, Knesko masks, and OPI nail products.

“The amenities are aesthetically pleasing, and our guests rave about our skilled service technicians who use top-tier professional product lines to provide luxury spa experiences,” Kristen said.

If it is your first time at The Spa, you are welcome to take a tour of the facility during your Tranquility Lounge experience. You will be shown to the changing rooms where you can slip on a plush, comfortable robe and slippers before relaxing in the aromatherapy-infused Tranquility Lounge.

Sit. Release that deep cleansing breath and all of the tension that has taken hold of your neck and back. Within a few minutes, all that stress, worry, and strain are gone and forgotten. Instead, calm, soothing, and utopia settles in and takes over.

It’s About Taking the Time to Celebrate YOU
Pampering is something everybody needs from time to time. Tranquility is something everyone strives to find to enhance their lives.

Gervasi is always striving to provide the best experiences for their guests from upscale, gourmet meals, outstanding overnight stay accommodations, award-winning wines and spirits to an idyllic landscaped vineyard and a tranquil welcome to the latest venue, The Spa.

“The Spa at Gervasi is excited to offer this unique experience to our guests such as the Tranquility Lounge and Welcome. Surrender to tranquility and celebrate YOU while enjoying The Spa’s luxurious Tranquility Lounge,” Kristen said.