Call us biased, but we think there are a whole lot of reasons for you to come and spend some time with us at Gervasi Vineyard. But let’s face it – few of those reasons would exist without one of the key attractions at Gervasi: wine.

So whether you are new to the Gervasi Vineyard world or you’ve been here a dozen times, we’d like to show you how Gervasi’s head winemaker Andrew Codispoti and his winemaking staff turn grapes on the vine, our raisin d’etre, into delicious award winning wines during one of our many winery tours where wine novices and seasoned connoisseurs alike will learn first-hand about the Gervasi winemaking process.

Free introductory winery tours are open to the public every Saturday afternoon at The Crush House, located just a short walk from the five acres of vineyards used to produce Gervasi’s Family Reserve wines. The half-hour tours of our state-of-the-art winery facilities are the perfect introduction to this thousands-year-old craft.

For a more in-depth, intimate tour of the winery, consider one of Gervasi’s Pairing Tours also held Saturday afternoon at The Crush House. On these exclusive tours a Gervasi Wine Ambassador will give visitors a more in-depth, intimate tour of the winery and each tour concludes with a wine tasting especially paired with a selection of small bite appetizers.

And finally, private in-depth winery tours are available during the week for groups of up to 30 people.

No matter what tour you choose, be sure to take in the panoramic vista of the South Vineyard and surrounding landscape from the balcony of The Crush House.

While you’re here, feel free to take a relaxing stroll around the grounds taking in the gorgeous scenery followed by lunch or dinner at Gervasi’s Italian Bistro, The Crush House or, during the summer months, The Piazza outdoor patio.

Gervasi’s winemaking team takes great pride nurturing exceptional grapes at every step of the process as they strive to make our wines among the best in Ohio.  All 21 wines produced at Gervasi are cellared and bottled on the premises.

For a more casual experience, visit The Crush House Tasting Bar where you’ll find fifteen varietals of Gervasi wines are available for sampling.

Click here for more information on all winery tours.