This holiday season, Gervasi Vineyard is adding excitement and joy to celebrations with family, friends, and co-workers. Each week leading up to Christmas, we’ve shared a new idea for experiencing Gervasi with your loved ones, and today’s blog concludes our series!

As the busy holiday season swings into full gear, shopping for those last minute gifts becomes a new challenge all its own!  Inevitably there are just a few gifts to purchase for those loved ones who seem to have everything or are hard to please. What do you get them this year?

Gervasi Vineyard has a few suggestions that will delight everyone – even the choosiest on your list. Consider Gervasi’s award winning wines and spirits as a gift idea that will not only please their palates, but also bring them joy!

With over 30 varietals of wine and seven spirits, your biggest challenge will be deciding which to select. Gervasi’s Director of Winemaking and Distilling Operations, Andrew Codispoti, offers several suggestions starting with the different styles of Gervasi Spirits bourbon.

Gervasi Vineyard Bourbons

Gervasi’s Bourbons
“Always consider the person you are gifting,” Codispoti said. “It helps to know their likes or dislikes and then buy for their likes. If you have a person you are buying for who likes bourbon, Gervasi has three fantastic bourbons to select from, or you can buy all three.”

The true bourbon connoisseur will love Gervasi Spirits’ unique bourbon varieties: Wine Barrel Bourbon, Brandy Cask Bourbon and Rum Barrel Bourbon.

The Wine Barrel Bourbon has been aged in wine barrels to provide an elevated character and reflects Gervasi’s winemaking craft. The Brandy Cask Bourbon is aged in cognac casks and gives the distinct taste of the brandy. The Rum Barrel Bourbon is aged in South American rum barrels used to elevate the sweetness, smoothness and body of the brandy from the legacy rum.

“The cognac cask bourbon will be gone by summer so this would make a highly unique gift,” said Codispoti. “Both of the new GS bourbons make a great gift for the person who loves to drink bourbon, cognac, and rum.”

Gervasi’s Gins Come with a Grin
For those gin lovers, Gervasi offers two distinct gins. First, a very smooth Small Batch Gin, made distinctly from the boutique distillery. Another gin specific to Gervasi is Saint’s Desire Blood Orange Gin.  This unique gin glows like the morning sun rising over the Mediterranean.

“Gervasi’s Saint’s Desire is a citrus-forward product with a gin base. It looks orange and smells like oranges,” said Codispoti. “This gin is delightful all on its own, or mixed as a spritzer with fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and soda water.”

Visit The Still House to select the perfect spirit for your loved one. Plus, whenever you buy a bottle or two, the Gervasi team will wrap each bottle beautifully in red tissue paper and place it into a black Gervasi branded gift bag. Poof!  The gift wrapping is all done for you!

GV Anniversary Wine Set

Have a Few Wine Drinkers to Gift?
Gervasi Vineyard is a premier destination winery in Northeast Ohio. Offering a long list of great wines, both imported Italian wines made exclusively for Gervasi, and housemade wines produced in Gervasi’s winery on the estate. Gervasi’s wines have won numerous awards and are sure to please any wine drinker – offering bold, dry reds to sweet dessert wines.

Codispoti suggests the Truscano and Lucello wines for gifts. Both come in a special 10th Anniversary wood gift box and have a specially made emblem on the bottle in recognition of Gervasi Vineyard’s 10th Anniversary, which was celebrated this year.

“These two wines have been with us from the beginning. We also have a full complement of reds, whites, dry and sweet wines to select just the right wine for your gift,” said Codispoti.

Looking for a sparkling wine to bring in the New Year? Try Gervasi’s Lambrusco or Prosecco sparkling wines. Both are part of the Italian wine collection offered by Gervasi on the estate. The imported Italian wines must be consumed on property. So make a day of it, or drink the whole bottle and stay the night in one of Gervasi’s luxury suites.

“Many people don’t like champagne because it is too dry for them to drink. Gervasi’s Lambrusco is a good alternative because it is not too dry. Or try the Prosecco, which is a pleasant, lightly sweet and fruity sparkling wine,” said Codispoti.  “Both of these wines pair nicely with an appetizer, or work well as a dinner wine, too.”

All of Gervasi’s wines made in the winery are available for take home purchase for your favorite wine lover at The Still House, The Crush House and The Marketplace.

Still House Drinks

Meet the Gervasi Cocktails
After completing your shopping for wine and spirits, it might be a good time to slow down and try one of Gervasi’s cocktails. Offered shaken or stirred, it makes for a perfect ending for your day. The Still House Cocktails featuring Gervasi Spirits (GS) include:

  • The Manhattan featuring GS Wine Barrel Bourbon
  • The Gimlet featuring GS Small Batch Gin
  • The Negroni with GS special Blood Orange Gin
  • Lush Blush Martini made with GS Sinner’s Blush Vodka
  • Moscow Mule with GS Small Batch Vodka
  • The Old Fashioned made from GS Wheated Bourbon*

*nearly out of stock

Gervasi offers the small batch vodkas and gins for mixing cocktails at home. Mix up your own cocktails to help bring in the New Year and welcome 2021. Pick up recipe cards at The Still House with simple directions on how to make celebratory cocktails.

Try Before you Buy
If you would like to try Gervasi Vineyard’s housemade spirits and wines before selecting the perfect ones for gift giving or for your holiday guests, The Still House and The Crush House Wine Bar & Eatery are the perfect venues to try a flight before selecting your purchase.

The Still House is ideal for sampling small batch spirits and the specialty craft cocktails. The distillery is located within the gorgeous, Tuscan-style coffeehouse and cocktail lounge. The Crush House houses the winery, and is the go-to venue for wine tasting by offering an extensive bar with wine ambassadors to help you with your selection. Plus you can take a peek at the winery while you visit!

Gervasi Vineyard is the right place to be this holiday season. The team at GV wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas, a bright holiday season and the happiest New Year.

GV Brand Promise
Our commitment to safety and cleanliness is paramount for our guests.  All of our restaurants, venues and guest suites have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to align with new public safety standards and best practices. All public spaces have been fully reconfigured to ensure all social distancing guidelines are met. Employees and guests will follow all mask mandates while visiting GV Destinations’ venues.