With many areas of Italy located close to the Alps, much of the country offers amazing mountain views, rolling hills and varying landscapes and climates, many areas of which are exceptional for growing grapes.

One of the most popular regions in Italy is Tuscany.  It’s known for captivating landscapes and panoramic views lined with cypresses and vineyards; sites such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa; evocative medieval churches and castles; cobblestone squares and cafes.

Tourists delight in the scenery, the art, the food and the wine found throughout Tuscany. It is also one of the oldest regions in the world for wine production. By some reports, winemaking began in the region as early as the 4th century BC. Others say it began in the 7th or 8th century BC.

Many historians believe two of the most popular grapes from Italy, Sangiovese and Lambrusco, grew wild in the countryside. Others believe the grapes were brought to Italy by the Etruscans from Asia.

Sangiovese grapes in the Chianti region of Tuscany

Regardless of how or when the grapes became part of the Tuscan landscape, Sangiovese has allowed winemakers to produce some of the world’s most favored wines—Brunello and Chianti Classico. Both of these wines are part of the first wine stop on your Italian Wine Tour at Gervasi Vineyard.

Director of Winemaking and Distilling Operations at Gervasi, Andrew Codispoti said, “We work with small, family-run wineries in several wine producing regions of Italy to bring our guests these outstanding representations of classical Italian greats.”

GV Wines in The Tuscany Region


Brunello is one of the favorite world class Italian wines.  Brunello was first created by the Biondi-Santi family in the late 1800’s in the hill-town of Montalcino and today stands as one of Italy’s great wines. Brunello is produced from 100% Brunello Sangiovese in the Montalcino delimited zone for Brunello production which limits the total production and increases its desirability worldwide. Brunello must be aged for 5 years before release including 2 years in wood barrels. It is an age-worthy red wine with structure and body.

Gervasi’s Brunello aligns with other great wines rooted deep in Montalcino winemaking traditions. Aged over 30 months in Slavonian and French cooperage, it presents a refined structure, elegant red fruits, nuances of undergrowth and lasting impressions. It pairs well with red meat, game, poultry and dishes that include truffle. You may also enjoy it with hard aged cheese or red sauce pasta dishes.

Try a glass of Brunello with the Beef Gnocchi at The Crush House. This dish features housemade gnocchi with mushrooms, caramelized onions, beef short rib, red wine demi-glace and Parmesan cheese.



Chianti is the name of a well-loved wine but also a region in central Tuscany around Florence and Siena. The wines made there are labeled across two zones, Chianti and Chianti Classico. Chianti Classico comes from within the historical delimited area that was specified a wine production zone in the early 1700’s. Chianti Classico must be comprised of at least 80 percent Sangiovese.  ‘Riserva’ status wines cannot have any white wine and must age for a minimum of 24 months and achieve 12.5 % ABV. The Gallo Nero (Black Rooster) symbol distinguishes the wine as Chianti Classico.

“Gervasi’s Chianti Classico Riserva offers 95% Sangiovese augmented with Colorino. It conveys the heart of Tuscan wine heritage with its deep ruby hues, full bodied harmonious character, fruit, complexity and lingering palate residuals. Chianti pairs well with red meats, roasts, game birds, aged cheese, red sauces and pasta dishes,” said Codispoti.

Pair with the Tuscan Beef Short Ribs at The Bistro, served with mashed potatoes, young carrots and mushroom veal sauce. Or try the Short Rib Sliders offered at The Crush House.

Ogni giorno `e una buona giornata per il vino! Every day is a good day for wine!


Wine Tasting at Gervasi

The best way to get to know either of these great wines is to try them at one of Gervasi Vineyard’s restaurants, The Bistro, The Piazza , The Still House or The Crush House. Select varietals of Gervasi’s Italian wines can also be delivered to your guest suite while staying at The Casa or in one of The Villas or The Farmhouse.


Up next on the tour are the Gervasi Wines from the Piedmont region. Stay Tuned!