Your ongoing journey through the Italian wines at Gervasi Vineyard continues with wines from the northwest region of Italy known as the Piedmont region. The wines from this region are world famous and include the Barolo and Barbera D’ Alba.

The Piedmont region is known for world renowned wines but also for the wine villages sitting on hilltops. You’ll also find white truffles and nocciolata cake made from chocolate and hazelnuts in towns and cities throughout the region.

Gervasi Wine

The wines from Piedmont have a distinctive quality and prominent taste. The grapes from this region are usually grown by smaller vineyards owned by generations of families.

Some of the well-known cities include Asti, Vercelli, Alba and Turin. The Aosta Valley is tucked up in the northwest corner and boarders both France and Switzerland.  You’ll find snow-capped peaks, lush pastures, thick forests, grand waterfalls and romantic castles folded away in the wooded hillsides. The vineyard plantings are a quilt-like marvel of agriculture.

As in many regions of Italy, the food takes center stage with the wines. Foods include fresh pastries, fruit, local cheeses and cured meats. Two of the top wines in the region, Barolo and Barbera D’Alba, are part of the GV wine portfolio.


GV Wines produced in the Piedmont Region

BAROLO – GV Select

G V Italian Wine - BaroloBarolo is a small section of the Piedmont region. The area produces wines that are intense, complex and tannic. Barolo wine is often touted as one Italy’s greatest wines, some wine experts have declared it one of the best wines in the world. This is a dry red wine loved for its aromas, complexity, tannin structure and longevity.

Passion and art define Gervasi’s classic Barolo vinted from a single small Nebbiolo vineyard in La Morra, a commune of Piedmont Italy. The Nebbiolo grape is a small thin skinned, red grape that is high in acid and tannins. Special attention must be given to viticulture and vinification techniques to produce outstanding Barolos.

Director of Wine Making and Distillery Operations at Gervasi, Andrew Codispoti said, “Gervasi’s Barolo interlaces boldness with an elegant blend of brushwood, tobacco and spice.”

He added, “Its pleasing reflections of ruby and garnet coupled with the velvety textures deliver an indulgent finish.”

It is a full-flavored and robust wine that can easily be at home with the heartiest of entrees. The wine is considered food friendly and can be enjoyed with braised or broiled game, stewed meats, red meats and aged cheese.

Enjoy with the Italian Meat & Cheese Platter at The Crush House featuring Italian meats & cheeses with traditional accoutrements and crostini. Or, the GV Artisan Piatti in The Bistro.



GV Italian Wine - BaroloBarbera D’ Alba is a red wine, smooth and rich and is produced in the hills and villages south of Alba. This wine represents some of the best wines made from Barbera grapes.

For many wine enthusiasts who enjoy Italian wines especially from the Piedmont region, this is one of the most enjoyable wines. It is made from a multi-faced grape variety where growers are selected because of the soil composition in their vineyards.

Single-vineyard characteristics and passionate winemaking have created Gervasi’s outstanding Barbera. Admire its garnet hues.  Savor the scents of cherry, cocoa and spice.  Experience the elegant union of mature black fruits with velvety tannins.

Codispoti said, “Twelve months of aging in oak barrels satisfy the extra requirements for the Superiore designation and complete this stylish example of Italian Barbera.”

Another food friendly wine, Barbera’s acidity makes it a good match with pasta, risotto with truffles. Enjoy Barbera with roasted, grilled or stewed meats, aged cheese and tomato sauces. Try it with pizza, prosciutto, BBQ ribs or lasagna.

Pair with the House made Mushroom Ravioli in The Bistro featuring Taleggio Cheese, Blistered Cherry Tomatoes, Sherry Reduction and Truffle Oil.


Ogni giorno e buono con il vino!
Every day is good with wine!

Wine Tasting at GV

The best way to get to know either of these great wines is to try them at one of Gervasi Vineyard’s restaurants, The Bistro, The Piazza, The Stillhouse or The Crush House. You can also have select varietals of Gervasi’s Italian wines delivered to your room while staying at The Casa or in one of The Villas or in The Farmhouse.

Up next on the tour are the Gervasi Wines from the Veneto Region!