Once again, the holidays have come around fast and furious. It’s a great time to get prepared for the biggest three days of the year (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s) starting with the wine list.

Relax and enjoy time together with family, friends and co-workers and know that Gervasi Vineyard (GV) has you covered for offering the best wines for the holidays.  The area’s favorite destination winery resort has what it takes to make this holiday season bright with award-winning wines and spirits, upscale dining, luxurious stays and exquisite and romantic landscapes.

Gervasi Vineyard Wine

If you would rather have someone else do the cooking, Gervasi has a special and delicious family-style Thanksgiving meal package  for you to order, pick up and serve in the comfort of your own home.

For those who love to cook for the family, there are so many options when it comes to selecting the perfect wine these days, just how does one select just the right wine for before, during and after dinner?

Gervasi’s head winemaker, David Smith, has a few suggestions on making just the right choice this holiday season for all of your wine selections.

“Thanksgiving is all about family and variety,” Smith said. “Selecting a couple of dry whites and a couple of dry reds along with a sweeter dessert wine is a great way for everyone to be able to drink something they like. Many times, it’s also better to choose a wine that you know your guests will appreciate even if it doesn’t pair well with the food. Odds are that your guests will be enjoying the wine before and after the food is served.”

Gervasi Vineyard Wine

Tips for Selecting a Great Wine
Smith recommends that when selecting wines for the holidays, choose a few wines that are crowd-pleasers and then pick one or two less common wines. Smith offered other useful tips for selecting the perfect wine.

  • Look for wines that are flavorful and have a strong aromatic profile that will be able to stand up to the dense flavors typical of Thanksgiving.
  • Traditional Thanksgiving foods are usually very aromatic themselves, so the wine can easily get lost if it’s not robust enough. You should think about how strong or weak the aroma is on your favorite wine and choose foods that have a similar aromatic intensity for the best pairing.
  • Most people will enjoy the experience of trying a new wine even if they don’t end up drinking much of it. The idea is to have fun and offer your guests a variety to choose from.
  • For smaller gatherings, choose a wine that will go well with the meal and a second wine to enjoy on its own after the meal. This again offers some variety and a chance to experience something new that might not always pair well with the food.

Gervasi Vineyard Wine

Gervasi Wine for the Holidays
Smith has several wines he recommends to bring family and friends together for a wonderful afternoon or evening.

He offered, “Sauvignon Blanc or barrel-aged Chardonnay are both great white wines with robust profiles. On the red side Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah come to mind, these wines offer complexity and strong fruit flavors that won’t get lost during the meal.

Fioretto (Sauvignon Blanc) or Lucello (Pinot Grigio) would both go very well with turkey and complement the subtle flavors of the bird. Our Serenata (Malbec) or Unita (Marquette) are a great pairing to compliment the richness of duck. Prime rib would be best complimented by Abbraccio (Cabernet Sauvignon). Ham may be best paired with either Lucello (Pinot Grigio) or Truscano (Sangiovese) where both will be complimented by the saltiness of the pork.”

Holiday Dining at Gervasi Vineyard

Time for Dessert
Some of your guests will be there strictly for the rich and flavorful desserts traditionally offered at a Thanksgiving meal. Of course, you must serve just the right wine to end the meal just right.

Smith added, “I personally love dessert wines. A good dessert wine will be sweet and intense with a nice bit of acidity to round it out. The strong flavors and full body of most dessert wines can hold up very well to many desserts commonly served during Thanksgiving.

Gervasi Vineyard Wine

“One of my favorite wines is our Sognata (Vidal Blanc ice wine), and it pairs well with heavy desserts like cheesecake and cobblers. Dolce Sera is a late-harvest Riesling that would match up nicely with pumpkin pie. A wine that is great as a stand-alone dessert is our Moscato, it’s sweet and fruity flavors cap off a meal very well.”

The Season is Bright and It is Just Around the Corner
One of the high points of Thanksgiving is the feeling of anticipation and expectations of the next two holidays just around the corner, Christmas and New Year’s.  Smith has just the right list of wines for your wish list.

Gervasi Vineyard Wine Celebrazione

Celebrazione (dry red blend) is a great wine for Christmas and New Year’s,” Smith suggested. “It is a fresh and fruity easy drinking dry red that is perfect to share with friends and family.

“For the sweet lovers out there, we have Brigante (sweet red blend) which is a sweet read bursting with dark fruit flavors and aromas. Bellina is a barrel-fermented Chardonnay that evokes feelings of warmth that are perfect for holiday gatherings. Any of these wines can pair well with a variety of foods that may be enjoyed during the upcoming festivities or shared as a celebration all of its own.”

Gervasi Vineyard Wine

Take a Tour of Gervasi’s Winery
There is plenty of time to take a tour of the winery at Gervasi and learn more tips and do some tasting before you start selecting the best wines for the holidays.

As always, when coming to Gervasi, guests can come for the day, for the evening or stay overnight for a luxurious getaway. Gervasi Vineyard offers all guests an experience and with its reputation for the best wines for the holidays, you’ll find the reason to celebrate the upcoming season.

There are several options for purchasing Gervasi wines including stopping at The Marketplace, any of the fine dining restaurants at Gervasi, or online.

Happy Thanksgiving

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