Be adventurous! Spend the morning, afternoon and evening at Gervasi Vineyard Resort & Spa (GV) visiting The Still House.

Be different! You decide whether to be tranquil, mischievous or daring when selecting to drink gourmet coffee drinks or when trying GV’s unique spirits and custom cocktails.

Be passionate but distinguished! Enjoy sipping a glass of one of GV’s award-winning wines – or try them all!

Be swanky! Enjoy the whole experience at The Still House and enjoy the wines, spirits, cocktails, the craft beers and top off the experience with your favorite pour of bourbon and a cigar in The Sin Room, a heated outdoor lounge guests will find at The Still House.

Be Our Guest at “The” Place to Be – The Still House

So many visitors to Gervasi Vineyard Resort & Spa know it and love it for the landscape (like a Tuscan Village), the atmosphere, the upscale dining, of course, the award-winning wines and the luxurious places to stay.

Every Italian village has a chapel and The Still House is the chapel with a twist at GV. The Still House is a coffee house and distillery where GV makes its special brand of spirits such as wine barrel bourbon, rosé vodka, or blood orange gin.

Spirits at Gervasi Vineyard

More and more guests are discovering “the” place to be in the area is The Still House where everyone can release their adventurous, passionate, or swanky sides or make it “the” place to relax with a marvelous cup of coffee with friends or meet and greet new friends.

Gervasi Vineyard (GV) has been a favored destination resort since its beginnings with the opening of The Bistro in the spring of 2010. And, The Still House, a coffee house by day and a place to find an extensive selection of spirits, cocktails, craft beers, wine and live music by night.

Great Drinks, Live Music and Wonderful Food

The Still House is also known for having great food selections. For breakfast, select from a quiche Lorraine, egg sausage cheese calzones to a vegetable egg and cheese frittata or fresh pecan rolls. For an afternoon or evening snack, The Still House offers jumbo shrimp cocktail, lamb meatballs, pulled pork nacho dip, shrimp Baja tacos and much more.

The Still House is part of the GV Loyalty Club where you can earn points for purchases while dining and experiencing Gervasi Vineyard Resort & Spa.

Learn About the Distillery

Who doesn’t love a good tour? GV offers tours and tastings of both its winery and the distillery located inside The Still House. It is easy to purchase tickets online. The Distillery Tasting Tour is led by a member of the distillery tour team and includes a logo shot glass to take home and three spirit tastes with a salty side car snack. The tour and tasting take approximately 45 minutes. Must be at least 21 years old to attend.

Be your true self at Gervasi’s Still House. It is fast becoming “the” place to be morning, noon and night.