The Cave at Gervasi Vineyard Resort & Spa (GV) differs from any other cave you might have seen or read about.

GV’s Cave is underground but instead of stalagmites and stalactites, you’ll find all things wine inside The Cave at GV.  As a matter of fact, The Cave Wine Tasting and Barrel Room is all about the wine and is the perfect new venue to visit on your first or next trip to GV.

The Cave is decorated with stone walls trimmed in stunning brown wood. Guests can order wine while seated at the magnificent round wooden tables or at the bar located at the end of the room.  Wines can be purchased in The Cave by the glass, by flight or GV bottled wines.

A large screen television is on the wall at the other end of the tasting room where guests watch a specially produced video on the wine-making process at Gervasi detailing how the wines are made from harvest to bottling.

Artwork from local artist, Josh Humm, light up The Cave. Gervasi is thrilled to highlight the talent of local artists and support the arts program in Stark County.

A second room, The Barrel Room, will be available to rent for special events. The room contains barrels of wines going through the aging process. There is also a table that can seat 10 to 16 people available as part of the experience. Guests will be able to tour the rows of barrels as part of their event.

It’s All Wine at The Cave

Yes! The Cave is all about the WINE!  Gervasi Vineyard designed The Cave to provide a world-class wine-tasting experience in a unique and intimate environment. In addition to the intimate wining tasting room and wine barrel room, GV’s Cave offers:

The Ultimate Wine Tasting Menu

At The Cave, you will enjoy wine tasting led by GV’s specially trained Wine Ambassadors and experts. In addition to those used in the tastings, the full GV wine list will be available. Below are the wines offered at The Cave’s wine tastings:

Bello Rosso – “Beautiful Reds” Selection of Gervasi’s handcrafted classic red wines.

  • Velluto – Pinot Noir
  • Truscano – Sangiovese
  • Zin Zin – Zinfandel
  • Abbraccio – Cabernet Sauvignon

Bella Dolce – “Beautiful Sweets” Selection of Gervasi’s handcrafted sweet wines.

  • Tesoro – Vidal Blanc
  • Moscato
  • Dolce Sera – Late Harvest Riesling
  • Brigante – Sweet Red Blend

Vitner’s Select Selection of handcrafted wines chosen by our Vintner.

  • Fiotetto – Sauvignon Blanc
  • Romanza – Rose
  • Truscano – Sangiovese
  • Serenata – Malbec

Classics Tour Selection of Gervasi Vineyard’s handcrafted classic red and white wines.

  • Piove – Riesling
  • Ciao Bella – Chardonnay
  • Velluto – Pinot Noir
  • Abbraccio – Cabernet Sauvignon

Plus, Gervasi offers the latest delectable developed by Gervasi, Vasi spreads, to pair with your wine experience. Vasi – Tasty Spreads Include:

  • Tomato Onion Jam – savory spread, shaved Parmesan, basil, focaccia
  • Whipped Lemon Feta Spread – savory spread, fried shallots, focaccia
  • Sweet Mascarpone Dip – dessert spread, chocolate chips, lady fingers

Ticketed Tours at The Cave

In addition to walk-in wine tastings, there will be Wine Tasting & Barrel Room Tours offered at The Cave on Tuesday-Sunday afternoons. Tickets must be purchased in advance on the website and will be available soon.

Ticketed Tours include:

  • Guided wine tasting led by a Wine Ambassador
  • Tasting of four wines with a light antipasti cup
  • A guided tour of the underground Wine Barrel Cave

Private Events

Guests and visitors at Gervasi will soon be able to host their own semi-private wine tasting by reserving The Barrel Cave Table for 10 to 16 guests.  The wine tasting will be led by a Wine Ambassador and includes four wine samples (per person) with an antipasti board to share.

Private events will be available sometime this summer. Guests will be able to reserve both the Tasting Room and Barrel Room, where an elaborate grazing table of meats, cheeses, breads and crackers will be available along with all of Gervasi’s award-winning wines. Private events will be available during limited days/hours.

To Learn More About the Wine Experience

Gervasi loves to talk about its wines and encourages wine enthusiasts to continue their wine journey. GV offers an array of options including tours of the state-of-the-art wine production facility located in The Crush House and wine tasting and pairing events throughout the year.

GV has you covered when it comes to wine. Join us in The Cave on Tuesday, March 21 and often to celebrate life, wine and some of the best experiences that GV has to offer.